Waiting times

You have been referred to the hospital for further treatment by your General Practitioner (G.P.) and would like to be treated as soon as possible. Hospital waiting times depend on various factors.

Actual waiting times

If you are coming from another hospital or have been referred by your G.P. you have to come to the Outpatients' Department before treatment.

The quoted waiting times are the planning times in days from when the appointment is made. The figures show the actual waiting times. The reported waiting times can vary from the actual time that you have to wait. Unexpected or exceptional circumstances can occur that may increase or even reduce the waiting times

No rights can be derived from the quoted waiting times.

Waiting time Outpatient Clinic
The number of days between the moment an appointment is made for the Outpatient Clinic and the moment of the appointment itself.
Waiting time treatment
The number of days between the moment that the treating physician decides that surgical treatment is required and the moment the patient is admitted for surgery.
Waiting time diagnostic test
The number of days between the moment an appointment for a diagnostic test is made (by a patient who is not admitted) and the moment of the test itself.

Via their G.P., emergency patients can always be dealt with immediately in Bronovo Hospital.

Questions about waiting times?

For further questions about these, you can telephone the relevant Outpatients’ Department.

Last updated: april 2017.

Reference date time in days
 - Treatment
Waiting time
Outpatient Department
Waiting time
Waiting time
diagnostic test
Cardiology 21 0 0
Dental surgery 18 39 18
Dermatology 10    
Ear, Nose and Throat 8    
   a. Adenoids and/or tonsils   8  
   b. Grommets   8  
  c. Nasal septum   8  
  d. Outpatient snoring clinic 42    
  a. Gastroscopy      
  b. Colon/sigmoidoscopy      
Pre-assessment GP/ request 0    
Geriatrics/Geriatric care      
  a. Falls and Mobility 7    
  b. Memory clinic 7    
  c. Shortness of Breath 7    
Gynaecology 20    
  a. Curettage   12  
  b. Endometriosis centre 60 60  
  c. Female sterilisation    21  
  d. Hysterectomy  36    
  e. IVF treatment 56    
  f. Laparoscopic hysterectomy   21  
  g. Laparoscopy   21  
Internal Medicine 63    
  a. Gastroenterology 70    
  b. Hypertension Outpatient clinic 77    
  c. Pre-assessment clinic 0    
Neurology 35    
Ophthalmology 90 90  
  a. Cataract operation 120    
Orthopaedics 7    
  a. Hernia/slipped disc      
  b. Knee key surgery 7    
  c. Sport medicine 14    
  d. Total knee replacement 7    
  e. Total hip replacement 7    
Paediatrics 35    
a. ADHD 81    
Pelvic Floor Centre  40    
Pain relief/Anaesthetics 10 15  
Plastic surgery      
  a. Abdominal wall correction      
  b. Breast correction      
  c. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome      
  d. Dupuytren's contracture      
Pulmonary Diseases 18 1 1
  a. CT- scan 17    
  b. MRI 39    
Radiotherapy 0 0 0
Rehabilitation medicine 14     
Reumatism 21    
  a. Osteoporosis clinic 21    
Surgery 7  21  
  a. Gall blader 7 21  
  b. Rupture/hernia 7 21  
  c. Outpatient breast clinic 1 14   
  d. Varicose veins 10 16  
Urology 1    
  a. Circumcision     44  
  b. Laparoscopic renal surgery  0 14  
  c. Lithotripter  0 3  
  d. Male sterisation  0 63  
  e. Prostate operation  3 1  
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