House rules

We want to ensure that your stay in our hospital is as pleasant as possible. This is why we have a number of house rules for our patients and their visitors, suppliers, staff and others. These rules apply throughout the hospital and in the surrounding grounds. Please abide by these house rules.

Selling goods

Offering goods for sale, peddling wares and collecting funds within the hospital grounds, without obtaining written permission from the management, is forbidden.


Bronovo is not liable for the loss, damage or theft of your property. Parking, both in our own parking lot and on public places in front of the building, is at your own risk.


When you are in Bronovo or on its premises, you are obliged to comply with the instructions of security personnel. The same applies to the instructions of staff on wards.

General courtesy

As a patient, you must be able to count on our staff treating you correctly. Should you nevertheless feel that one of our staff has treated you incorrectly, then you may submit a complaint.

Conversely, we expect patients and visitors to behave correctly towards our staff. Verbal or physical violence, intimidation, discrimination and other forms of undesirable behaviour are not tolerated. It goes without saying that weapons and other dangerous objects are forbidden. Bronovo expects patients and visitors to treat one another with respect.

Photographic and audio-recordings

Making photographic and audio-recordings in and around the hospital, which are intended for publication, is only allowed after obtaining the emphatic permission of the Communication Department and the persons concerned. Bronovo respects privacy.

Visiting rules

In order to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for our patients, visitors and staff, various rules apply in the hospital and on its premises in relation to an admission and visits. Failure to comply with these rules can result in being denied admission to the hospital.

  • We treat one another in a friendly fashion and respectfully
  • When asked, patients must present valid proof of their identity
  • In order to provide a calm environment for our patients, visiting hours are limited, and patients may receive a maximum of 2 visitors per patient
  • In the event of fire or other calamities, it is essential that you obey the instructions of members of our emergency team immediately

The following are forbidden:

  • Entering staff quarters and service areas without permission
  • The use of verbal or physical violence
  • Carrying weapons
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol or taking drugs
  • Using cellular telephones in the vicinity of medical apparatus
  • Making photographic or audio-recordings
  • Bringing along domestic pets
  • Criminal offences are always reported to the police

Bronovo visiting hours

Patients' visitors are warmly welcomed during the visiting hours that apply for the ward. In order to guarantee the tranquility of the ward, each patient may receive a maximum of two visitors at a time. Larger numbers may seem enjoyable, but this often proves too tiring for the patient and his/her fellow patients. Visitors who have to wait their turn can make use of the day-care location. Visits at different times are only allowed after discussion with the nurse or doctor in charge and after receiving their permission.


Due to possible infectious diseases, dogs, cats and other animals are not allowed into the hospital. The only exception to this rule are assistance dogs.

Wireless communication apparatus

Cellular telephones may not be used in medical locations such as examination rooms, Intensive Care, Heart monitoring and consultation rooms. These telephones can interfere with medical apparatus.

Before using your cellular telephone, always ask a member of the staff whether its use is permitted. Even in places in the hospital where the use of a cellular telephone is allowed, in certain situations it may be the case that its use is regarded as annoying. In that case the staff may ask you not to use your cellular telephone at that moment.


WiFi (wireless network) is available free of charge throughout the hospital.

Identification requirement

On 1 January 2006 the Health Insurance Act [Zorgverzekeringswet] came into force. One aspect of this law is the identification requirement. This means that every patient who visits the hospital must be able to provide valid proof of his/her identity.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs

Smoking is forbidden in the hospital, except in designated locations. Smoking is not permitted in the immediate vicinity of the entrances and exits to the hospital. People who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed to enter the hospital. This excludes patients who report to the Emergency Department with an acute problem.

Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs

The Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs regulations apply on these premises. The premises are designated as a residential area: pedestrians take precedence over all other traffic. Vehicles are obliged to travel slowly. Parking is only allowed in the designated places.

MRSA Bacteria

With regard to our policy on preventing MRSA infections, it is important that you let us know if you have been in hospital in another country within the last twelve months.