Rights & regulations

Patients’ rights and obligations

You have certain rights and obligations as a patient. Some of these are described below. Further information is available in the brochure entitled "Uw rechten als patiënt" (Your Rights as a Patient), that is published by the Dutch Ministry of Health. This brochure can also be obtained from the Patient Information Bureau in the entrance hall.

Right to information

What information will you receive? A care provider must provide you with information in lay terms about:

  • Your illness or complaint
  • The nature of your suggested treatment or examination
  • Other treatment options
  • The consequences or possible risks involved with the treatment or examination
  • Medication and possible side-effects

How to obtain information

Health care staff are obliged to provide patients with information. The way in which you are informed varies from person to person. Communicating information is a combined effort between patients and staff. There are no set rules. The health care worker will adapt the information to suit the type of patient concerned. Some people require more information than others. You may perhaps want to know everything in detail while others prefer only the basic facts. You play an important role in receiving the information you require. You can help by being clear about what you wish to know or if you do not understand. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Right to privacy

What ‘right to privacy’ means As a patient, you have the right to privacy regarding personally identifiable information. You may assume that whatever you discuss with your health care professional will remain confidential. Only those involved in your treatment will be informed of your situation. For example, information may not be passed on to your partner, family or friends without your express permission.

There is more to the right to privacy:

  • Medical interventions must be carried out without others being able to watch.
  • You can ask for a separate room for a conversation with the doctor in charge of your treatment.

In general, your privacy should be treated with the utmost respect.

The Bronovo-Nebo Foundation is subject to very strict regulations concerning patient information. Strict rules determine who, for example, may access, read or copy this information. Our foundation has an excellent privacy protection policy. All the regulations concerning the recording of and use of such information are laid down in a document entitled "Reglement ter bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer in verband met de gehouden persoonsregistraties binnen de Stichting" (Regulations for Privacy Protection of Personal information at the Bronovo-Nebo Foundation). A copy of these regulations is available from the Information and Documentation Office.

Patients’ obligations

You also have certain obligations as a patient. You must inform health care staff clearly and fully so that they can make a thorough diagnosis and provide expert treatment. You should also follow the advice given by health care staff as fully as possible. It is important that you provide the hospital with the correct details about your health care insurance company and ensure that the care provider or organisation is paid.