Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What information does the Registration Desk (Inschrijfbalie) require on my first visit?

Take this with you to the registration desk:

  • A valid certificate of registration from your health insurer.
  • Your identity. That can be a passport, driving license, identity card or residence permit.
  • If you have moved, the details of your new doctor and / or new address.

Read more on the page Your first appointment.

How do I get to Bronovo Hospital using public transport or by car?

You can reach Bronovo Hospital with bus 22 (Van Hogenhoucklaan, stop Bronovo Ziekenhuis)
and bus 23 (Van Alkemadelaan, stop Bronovo Ziekenhuis).

For detailed information on public transport contact the HTM-Consumentenlijn (Customer Service):
070 - 38 48 666 or visit For a Map of Directions: Google Maps.

Read more about getting directions to Bronovo Hospital.

Can I use my mobile telephone in the hospital?

Loud ring tones and alarms could be confused with alarms on medical equipment, and as mobile phones emit electromagnetic signals, they could also interfere with medical devices.

If you need to make a call or send a text message, make sure that you go to an area where mobile phone use is allowed. Ask a member of staff at the hospital if you are unsure where you can use your mobile phone.

Read more on the page: house rules.

What is the telephone number of a certain outpatient clinic and/or ward?

You can find a list of phone numbers of alle Hopital wards .. on the page Hospital wards.

What do I bring if I am admitted to hospital?

What to bring with you:

  • Your appointment card, insurance documents and identity documentation (I.D.)
  • All the medication you use in its original packaging. Any medication you require during your stay will be provided by the hospital pharmacy. This may have a different shape or colour than you are used to but the effect will be the same.
  • Your dietary instructions.
  • Toiletries (not including towels and facecloths), nightwear, underwear, slippers, dressing gown, books, magazines, reading glasses, a hand mirror and small change if required.

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How long are the waiting lists for a visit to the outpatient clinic, a day admission or an admission of several days?

You have been referred to the hospital for further treatment by your General Practitioner (G.P.) and would like to be treated as soon as possible. Hospital waiting times depend on various factors.

You will find on overview of waiting times on the page Waiting times.

What are the visiting times in the hospital?

Here you will find the visiting hours

What facilities are available during my stay in the hospital?

 Read all about the services on the page Facilities.

What questions can the Patient Information Office (Bureau Patiëntenvoorlichting) assist me with?

The Patient Information Office offers:

  • information material (pamphlets, brochures, magazine articles)
  • information about your visit to and stay in our hospital
  • specific 'Bronovo information leaflets' about examinations, treatments and operations
  • addresses and information material from patient organisations
  • information about health care in general
  • a listening ear
  • questions about rights, obligations and the complaints procedure

Read more on the page: Patient Information Office.

What should you do if you wish to change/alter your name, address, doctor or insurance?

On your next visit to our hospital, you can make all the necessary changes at the Registration Desk which is situated in the lobby. Do not forget to bring a valid form of identification with you, namely an identification card or passport.

I have given birth in your hospital. Will my baby automatically be registered with the Insurance Company?

No, you personally are responsible for ensuring that you baby is registered with your Insurance Company. You can send these details, to us, on the relevant form which you can find in the package which you received, after your delivery, when leaving our hospital.
You can also call the Patient Administration Department and inform them of these details.

If you wish to request your medical documents?

Should you wish a copy (or parts of) your medical documents, you can do this by means of a written request. In your letter you need to state the reason for your request, your details, such as your full name and date of birth, and which specific medical details you need. Send your letter, together with a copy of your passport or identification card to the following address:

Stichting Bronovo-Nebo,
To the attention of The Board of Directors,
Postbus 96900,
2509 JH The Hague.
Or via the following website:

Can you give me the results of my blood test, urine test?

The doctor who requested the examination will inform you of the results. This could be your general practitioner or a specialist from Bronovo Hospital who is treating you.

The right way to find answers to questions

Do you have questions about your treatment in Bronovo?

We are glad to be of service, but due to the sensitivity of privacy issues, our doctors do not respond by e-mail. Please contact us by some other means. This will usually be via the Outpatients' Department where you are being treated.

Do you have general information questions about Bronovo?

In that case, you can send us an e-mail. Complete the contact form and you will receive a reply from the Communication and Marketing Department within 24 hours.

Do you have general questions about your health?

In that case, we advise you to contact your GP in the first instance.


I have a question about an invoice, where can I obtain information?

Look under DBC or pose your questions about invoices to the Patient Administration Department (afdeling Zorgadminstratie), telephone +31 (0)70 - 312 46 21.

The Patient Administration Department is available from Monday to Thursday from 09.00 – 12.00 hours or you can write to:

Bronovo Hospital,
f.a.o. Patient Administration Department,
P.O. Box 96900,
2509 JH The Hague

Or send an email to

Even though I am insured, I have still received an invoice at home. What should I do?

Even though I am insured, I have still received an invoice at home. What should I do?
There are a few possibilities as to why this has happened,namely;

The correct health insurance details are not known in our Hospital Information System,whereby you have received the invoice at home. If this is the case, please send the invoice back to us and enclose a copy of your application for medical insurance or medical insurance card. We will then amend your details in our system and send the invoice to your Insurance Company.
The invoice which you have received pertains to treatment which is not covered under the basic health insurance of your Insurance Company. If this is the case, the invoice is sent to your home address and you must then declare it. yourself, to your Insurance Company.
Iif you are insured abroad, you have to declare the invoice yourself to your Insurance Company or advise of all the insurance details including policy number.

Both my Insurance Company and myself have paid the invoice in full. How can I be reimbursed?

Reimbursements pertaining to invoices which have been paid both by yourself and your Insurance Company, are paid to you as soon as possible.

Although I am insured and have given birth in your hospital, I have still received an invoice. How is this possible?

You have perhaps given birth in our hospital due to a non-medical indication. The invoice which you have received pertains to your "own risk" which you have to pay. Your Insurance Company has paid the remaining costs of this invoice.

What is our International Bank Account number (IBAN)?

Our IBAN number is NL50BNGH0285147056.

What is our Bank Identification Number (BIC number)?

Our BIC number is BNGHNL2G.

Objection against costs/invoice

Should you have an objection against your invoice, please send a letter, exclusively, to the following address:

Stichting Bronovo-Nebo,
To the attention of the Patient Administration Department,
Postbus 96900,
2509 JH Den Haag.

Price Quotation of Diagnose-Combination Treatment (DBC)

A price quotation is only possible if you have the complete Diagnose-Combination Treatment code. This code can be obtained via your specialist.

Where and by which method of payment can I pay for invoices, health check-ups and advance payments?

Payments can be made at the Registration Desk on the ground floor. You can only use Pin, Master/Maestro Card, Visa and American Express as methods of payment.

Test/examination for a Visa

If you visit our hospital for a test/examination for a visa, you first have to register at the Registration Desk situated in the lobby of our hospital. For the test/examination you can pay at the Registration Desk (Pin, Master/Maestro Card, Visa and American Express). After payment, you can have all of the investigations carried out. The Laboratorium is on the 2nd floor and the Radiology Department is on the ground floor.

Hospital ID pass

How can I request a Hospital ID?

The registration desk in the Central Hall of Bronovo makes your Hospital ID for you. we ask you to bring a valid identification and health card with you.

Valid identification are:

  • A passport
  • An identity card
  • A driving licence
  • A residence permit

Tip: The registration is quicker if you register with a passport or identity card.

Can I make a Hospital ID with an expired passport, ID card or driving licence?

If you do not have a valid identification, you can report this at the Registration Desk. We can only make a Hospital ID with a valid ID.

Valid identification are:

  • A passport
  • An identity card
  • A driving licence
  • A residence permit

Tip: The registration is quicker if you register with a passport or identity card.

If I still have a blue registration card, or I do not have my patient ID with me and I have an accident, will I be helped?

Yes, care continues as usual.

How long is my Hospital ID valid?

The Hospital ID for adults and children, from one year and older, is valid for five years. The hospital ID for children under one year is valid for one year.