Costs & insurance

Medical expenses for care, treatment and admission to Bronovo need to be met. Here is a breakdown of how the medical expenses are calculated and how you can find out whether your treatment will be paid in full or only partially.

How are medical expenses for treatment in hospital calculated?

The hospital calculates the costs of your treatment using a Diagnosis Treatment Combination (Diagnose Behandeling Combinatie (DBC)). This is an administrative code for the whole course of the treatment that a patient with a given diagnosis undergoes in hospital.

An example of this would be a patient who requires a prosthetic knee. Broadly speaking, the DBC would look like this: the patient has been referred to the orthopaedic specialist, who diagnoses wearing of the knee joint. In consultation with the patient, the specialist decides that a prosthetic knee is required.
After the operation, the patient has to go for several check ups. The DBC code relates to the whole course of treatment, from the first visit to the outpatients clinic up to the last check up after the operation. The hospital then determines the overall costs of the treatment for the DBC.
Once the treatment is complete, the hospital then charges the health insurance company or you as the patient, the DBC fee, depending on how you are insured.

If you have a chronic condition and are treated for it, the hospital sends the account to the insurance company at the end of the calendar year.


On 1st January 2012, a new system to improve the billing system called DOT was introduced country-wide (DBCs On the road to Transparency). More than 30,000 DBCs were replaced by 4,400 improved care products. In many cases, consumers will not have been aware of the implementation of the new care products. Generally speaking, you are covered by health insurance for the treatment that you get in hospital. This means that the bill for treatment is sent directly to the insurance company. For information about DOT, visit (Dutch only).

Fixed and deregulated fees

Most treatments have a fixed fee that is set by the government. These fixed fees are known as A-segment DBCs. You will find more information about fees on the Dutch Healthcare Authority’s website. Using the claim code or the DBC code stated on your invoice, you can check your bill on:

There are also treatments for which part of the DBC is deregulated and for which the fee differs per hospital. These are known as B-segment DBCs. For these, health insurance companies are free to determine with which hospitals they enter contracts. Health insurance companies negotiate fees, quality and what treatments comprise with the hospitals. Since 1st January 2012, approximately 95% of Bronovo’s DBC care products are categorised as B-segment products. The remaining 5% are categorised as A-segment products.

Price list 2016

You can find an overview of the DBC’s in the DBC price list (pdf, 3,8 MB).This price lists are valid from 01-01-2016. Typing errors are unforeseen and excluded.

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