We want to ensure everything goes well during your stay in hospital, so that you can soon return home. We will let you know the date of your discharge in good time, so that you and your family can make plans.

Discharge date

In your room, near your bed, you will see a white board on the wall. This is where we will write the target date of your discharge from hospital. Should this target date alter during your stay, we will discuss it with you and alter the date. The white board is, in fact, an important source of information for you and your contact.


The doctor in charge of your treatment will tell you when you can return home. In principle, you will be told the time of your departure (usually between 09.00 and 10.00 hours) at least one day in advance, though it is sometimes at very short notice.

Your doctor will discuss with you any follow-up treatment after your discharge from hospital. If necessary, an appointment will be made with you for a check-up at the out-patients department and/or you will be given a prescription for medicine. The specialist will inform your GP about your stay in hospital and about any after-care.

Transport home

The ward nurse is responsible for dealing with discharge from the hospital (transfers, prescriptions and - if necessary - transport). Are there medical reasons for you needing to return home by ambulance? Ask the ward secretary for a statement to this effect. The costs will normally be charged to your health insurer, although you will probably have to pay a personal contribution.

Tip: ask your health insurer about the rules on the reimbursement of transport prior to your admission.