Quality marks



In early 2013 the Bronovo-Nebo Foundation received full re-accreditation, including its safety management system, from The Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare (NIAZ). This is the second time the NIAZ has awarded the Bronovo-Nebo Foundation with full accreditation; the first was in 2008. For Bronovo Hospital, this is the third accreditation.

Bronovo-Nebo Foundation has been assessed on whether it could, in a reproducible manner, demonstrate an acceptable quality of care. The NIAZ assessed the foundation on the basis of 181 standards, including those related to patient safety. Bronovo Hospital's safety management system (VMS) was also certified as part of the accreditation.

The joint review was conducted in September 2012. A NIAZ audit team visited the foundation for a week, during which time different departments were visited and over sixty interviews were held. Having been awarded re-accreditation in January 2013, the Bronovo-Nebo Foundation, in the opinion of the NIAZ, has demonstrably-satisfied three conditions:

1. there is an established culture of continuous quality improvement with policies designed to assure improvements are made;
2. the management and the organisation of the (care) processes have been structured so that they, reproducibly and within reason, result in appropriate care;
3. the safety of the patients/clients, staff and visitors and of the medical facilities is assured.

Smiley Kind en Ziekenhuis

'Smiley’ Child and Hospital Foundation

Mark of quality - Maternity and Paediatric ward

Good news: Bronovo Hospital has all the quality marks to be gained of the Child and Hospital Foundation (Stichting Kind en Ziekenhuis). Since November 2012, in addition to a Smiley for the Children’s and Maternity Ward, Bronovo also has been awarded a Smiley for the Outpatient Department of the Mother and Child Department. This means that parents of children who are in day surgery can remain in Bronovo for the entire time with their child (including the start waking from anaesthesia), and that the children are cared for by paediatric nurses. Prior to surgery, there is an anaesthesia consultation for parents, where they receive information, also in writing, about anaesthesia and pain management.

Bronovo Hospital received a second Smiley from the “Child and Hospital Foundation (Stichting Kind en Ziekenhuis)” for the maternity ward Amalia, which was completely renovated. This quality mark was awarded for the family-oriented care and because the Bronovo maternity ward meets all of the set criteria. The national foundation bestows the Smiley quality mark on hospitals that distinguish themselves by offering quality care for parents and children.
Maternity ward Amalia has 16 single rooms, that all offer the possibility of 'rooming in'. This means the baby stays in the room with the mother day and night. If desired, the partner can stay the night with mother and child, and is free to visit at any time. Also, the maternity ward and incubator ward are located close to each other, and epidural analgesia during delivery (commonly known as an ‘epidural’) is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The Bronovo maternity ward has also received the WHO/UNICEF certificate from the “Care for Breastfeeding Foundation (Stichting Zorg voor borstvoeding)” and offers breastfeeding support by a lactation expert.

In April 2008, the Child and Hospital Foundation awarded a mark of quality - the ‘Smiley’ – to Bronovo Hospital for the paediatric ward. This national foundation awards the Smiley mark of quality to hospitals that are rated highly for the facilities they offer to children and parents. The Smiley award is evidence of the fact that care at Bronovo's paediatric ward meets all the criteria set by the Child and Hospital Foundation: The parents can stay night and day with their child that is admitted to hospital. Before a surgical procedure takes place, the parents and the child can speak to an anaesthesiologist to make preparations for the procedure. In the event of planned and emergency surgical procedures the parents may be present when the anaesthetic is administered. Parents may also be present when the child awakes from an anaesthetic.And finally, parents will be provided with written information about the rights of minors regarding health care in accordance with the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO 3 ).

From 1977 onwards, the national Child and Hospital Foundation has supported the improvement of the well-being of children before, during and after admission to a hospital. The foundation wants to encourage the hospitals by conferring a distinction: the Smiley. This quality mark can be obtained for paediatric wards, outpatients’ clinics and maternity wards.

More information on the Child and Hospital Foundation and the Smileys can be found on: www.kindenziekenhuis.nl

3 WGBO = ‘Wet op de geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst’ = Medical Treatment Agreement Act

Groen vinkje Stoma Zorgwijzer

Green check mark - Stoma Care

The Netherlands Stoma Association has awarded Bronovo Hospital the green check mark in the Stoma Care Guide for its care of stoma patients. That means that we meet all quality standards for proper stoma care, both for patients who may be given a stoma and for those who already have one. These standards were developed by The Netherlands Stoma Association together with stoma bearers, stoma nurses and specialists. The Stoma Care Guide provides comparative information on stoma care in The Netherlands so patients can make a reasoned choice for a hospital. More information is available on The Netherlands Stoma Association website.

A team of surgeons and stoma nurses at Bronovo Hospital help guide patients through the entire process before, during and after the admission.

Kwaliteitskeurmerk spataderzorg

Mark of quality - Varicose vein care

Varicose vein care quality mark

he Heart & Vascular group is a patient association for people with vascular disease and introduced the varicose vein care quality mark in 2012. Representatives of the Dutch Association for Vascular Surgery and the Dutch Association for Dermatology and Venereology are consulted for the quality criteria of the mark. The quality criteria indicate both the kind of care people with varicose veins can expect and also the matters which are important to these people. Bronovo Hospital meets the stated quality requirements.

Kwaliteitskeurmerk Vaatchirurgie

Mark of quality - Vascular surgery

In 2015 the Heart & Vascular Group 4 again conferred the Vascular Quality Mark on the Bronovo Hospital vascular surgical centre, that had received the quality mark the first time in 2007. The Vascular Quality Mark is focussed on the quality of treatments for disorders in the arteries of the legs, pelvis, stomach, aorta and throat. The criteria were annually adapted to new insights. Bronovo Hospital again meets the quality requirements. For more information please go to: www.hartenvaatgroep.nl

4 Hart&VaatGroep – the Heart & Vascular Group

Roze lintje Borstkankerzorg

Pink ribbon Breast Cancer Care

In 2016, the Dutch Breast Cance Association (BVN) again awarded Bronovo Hospital the Pink ribbon for services in the care of breast cancer patients. By awarding the pink ribbon, the Breast Cancer Association has indicated that Bronovo meets the requirements set in the field of breast cancer care.

More information: www.borstkanker.nl

WHO/UNICEF borstvoedingscertificaat

WHO/UNICEF breastfeeding certificate

The national foundation Zorg voor borstvoeding (‘Care for Breastfeeding’) awarded Bronovo Hospital in 2013 again for the global breastfeeding certificate. This means that Bronovo meets the international ’10 guidelines for breastfeeding’ and thus offers high quality support concerning breastfeeding to mother and child. Bronovo may now call itself a Baby Friendly Hospital, an initiative by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Every three years, a reassessment by the Zorg voor borstvoeding foundation takes place. In 2010 Bronovo already received the certificate.

According to the standards for the certificate, mothers must receive good information about breastfeeding, during the pregnancy, after the birth and during the maternity period. Doctors, midwives and nurses have been specially trained for this. The testing was performed by the Zorg voor borstvoeding foundation and will be repeated every three years.

Thanks to the good cooperation between the primary Bronovo Midwifery Practice and the various departments in Bronovo involved in Mother and Child Care, such as the delivery rooms, the maternity ward and the paediatric ward, all these departments have received their own certificate.
More information: www.zorgvoorborstvoeding.nl

Keurmerk seniorvriendelijk ziekenhuis

Mark of quality Senior- Friendly Hospital

MCH Bronovo location Bronovo was awarded the Senior-Friendly Hospital quality mark for the second time and can call itself 'Senior Friendly'. To get the label the hospital had to meet the 13 quality standards. For 2015 the initiators Unie KBO were PCOB, NOOM and NVOG upgraded the requirements of the quality aspects related to the specific needs of the elderly.

In 2013, the quality mark for Senior Friendly Hospitals or was set for the first time . More information about this quality mark and the results can be found at http://www.seniorvriendelijkziekenhuis.nl

Freya Pluim

Freya Award (Pluim) for Fertility Care

In December 2013, Bronovo Hospital received again a special award from the Freya Patients organisation because our hospital satisfied all their criteria for the treatment of patients with fertility problems.

There is further information about what Freya considers proper care on their website (Dutch).

Vinkje prostaatkanker

Green check mark - Prostate cancer

Bronovo Hospital meets the conditions set by the Prostate Cancer Foundation (Prostaatkankerstichting.nl) and the Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations (NFK) for good prostate cancer care.

Green check mark - Colorectal cancer care

In 2015 Bronovo was awarded the green checkmark for good colorectal cancer care. A hospital gets a green checkmark if it meets the minimum requirements set for good colorectal cancer care. This label is awarded by the patient organization ‘Levenmetkanker' (Living with cancer) to hospitals that meet the quality requirements. The data supplied by hospitals will be reexamined every six months.

Snurk/OSAS predicaat Sterkliniek

Snoring/OSAS Star Clinic designation

Bronovo Hospital's Snoring/OSAS Outpatient clinic has been awarded the Star Clinic designation.
Based on an extensive national survey of nearly four thousand patients, the Apnoea Association has awarded Bronovo's Snoring/OSAs Outpatient clinic with two stars, thus giving it the Star Clinic designation.

Clinics are evaluated on two types of criteria: actual performance (such as waiting and lead time) and satisfaction (how the patients felt about the information and guidance provided by the clinic). Stars are awarded to clinics with above average performance.

Sleep apnoea
OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome) is a condition in which a person stops breathing several times an hour during the night and it is usually accompanied by snoring. If a person stops breathing more than fifteen times per hour, there is a proven risk of heart and vascular disease. OSAS, however, is generally treatable.

Controle BIG-registratie

Control BIG-registration

The BIG Law (Wet BIG) provides rules for health professionals and offers protection for patients against improper and negligent treatment. BIG stands for Professions in the Individual Healthcare. The BIG-register is part of the BIG Law. The professionals working within Bronovo Hospital are subject to checks under the BIG-registration rules.


CCKL accreditation

The Medical Microbiological Laboratory of Bronovo Hospital has been accredited by CCKL since November 2011.

The clinical Chemical and Haematological Laboratory of Bronovo Hospital has been an accredited laboratory since January 2001. The accreditation was extended again for four years by CCKL in 2013.
The laboratory meets the assessment criteria set by the CCKL 5, the authority for the accreditation of all medical laboratories in the Netherlands. The accreditation comprises the professional competence of the laboratory management and its staff members, the quality system of the laboratory and the performance in various research areas.

5 CCKL = ‘Coördinatie Commissie ter bevordering van de Kwaliteitsbeheersing op het gebied van Laboratoriumonderzoek in de Gezondheidszorg’ = Coordination Committee for the promotion of Quality Control in the field of Laboratory Research in Health Care.

ISO en HACCP gecertificeerd

ISO and HACCP certified

In 1999 the Internal Services Department was certified in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2000 standards. Since then the service has been audited annually by the Kema to establish whether the standards are being met once again. The Catering service was certified for the first time in 2004 in accordance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) guidelines. An assessment of this service occurs twice a year.