Quality and safety

Bronovo maintains a culture in which continuous quality control and improvement are paramount.

Quality care by everyone

Bronovo wants to be a hospital that offers excellent patient care with a high level of service. This is the focus of our mission. There are many facets to quality in hospital care. Our professional care providers continuously aim to deliver a high level of care. Another facet of quality is hospitality. Patients and visitors are our guests. Our nursing wards not only have a role in treating and nursing, but also "function as a hotel". After all, customer service is an aspect of quality. As a patient, you wish to be treated with respect, be treated quickly, receive essential examinations and results in one go, etc.

Quality system

Bronovo implemented a quality system in order to systematically ensure a good organisation, quality care and safe treatment. A quality system allows the board of directors and employees to organise care and service and to evaluate and modify them wherever necessary.