Friends of Bronovo Association

"We can achieve more with your help"

The aim of the Friends of Bronovo Association is, broadly speaking, to support Bronovo Hospital. It hopes to achieve this goal by, amongst other things:

  • Promoting improvement in (mental) health care
  • Supporting activities and facilities for patients and staff

Achieved projects

The Friends of Bronovo Association creates more possibilities both for patients and staff. For instance, the Friends of Bronovo Association contributed to the realisation of the furnishing of the new Wassenaar Health Centre and to a training programme for volunteers to give extra attention to vulnerable elderly patients.
Another good example of their support is that, thanks to the Association, patients and doctors can make use of Video Consult.

Your support is needed: Extra attention for sick children

In order to prepare children better for their stay in the hospital, Bronovo Hospital wants to develop a special children's website and information folders. The hospital wants to make the outpatients' clinics, operating theatre and Accident and Emergency Department more child-friendly by using, amongst other things, more toys, games etc. In this way, we aim to reduce the anxiety, stress and pain felt by sick children.
We need €150.000 for this project. Will you help us with this? You can do so by be a Friend of Bronovo.

Become a Friend

Friends can attend an Annual General Meeting followed by a lecture, concert or other cultural activity. If you would like to know more about the work of the Association, you can contact

You can become a Friend by paying a minimum of €25 into NL09 ABNA 043 00 21 380 and stating donation to Friends of Bronovo and your name and full address.

You can also donate a one-off gift to

Support from businesses

Would your business like to demonstrate its interest in social welfare involvements? If so, we could think together about a collaboration that most suits you.

For instance, your business can support a specific project. Or perhaps, your colleagues would like to set up their own activity by, for instance, a team taking part in the annual City-Pier-City run and sponsoring on behalf of Bronovo. Or your business could make a donation in items for the children's ward such as soft toys, play things and other suitable gifts.

For more information, you can contact

Members Friends of Bronovo Association

The committee of the Friends of Bronovo Association are all unpaid volunteers. They are listed below:

  • Mr. P.F. de Ranitz tot Doornick, chairman
  • Mr. mr J.R.E. Kielstra, secretary
  • Mr. drs. I. Worisek RA, treasurer
  • Mrs. mr. E.Y. Beelaerts van Blokland- van Schaijk, member
  • Mr. P.A. van der Linden RA, member