About Bronovo Hospital

The Bronovo Hospital is a medium-sized, general hospital for the residents of The Hague, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Wassenaar and surrounding areas. The hospital offers specialised medical care, which is the responsibility of a broad team of medical specialists. The scale of the hospital makes it well organised and allows employees to understand each other and the patient well. We aim to offer care that meets the individual patient’s needs and to synchronise this care with that of other medical care suppliers, such as home nursing, general practitioners and nursing and care homes. The motto of these multidisciplinary teams is "Courteous care".

Bronovo-Nebo Foundation

The Bronovo Hospital was founded in 1865. In 1972 the Nebo Hospital and the Bronovo Deaconesses’ Institute (Diaconesseninrichting Bronovo) fused to form the Bronovo-Nebo Foundation (Stichting Bronovo-Nebo). The Foundation currently has several divisions and offers close cooperation between different medical service providers. These divisions are well organised and of a scale which allows employees to work closely together and get to know the patient or resident. This allows us to focus on personal care. The Foundation employs 1500 people, including 100 specialists and about 250 volunteers.

The House Nebo

The House Nebo (Het Huis Nebo),  a treatment and care centre, is a nursing home for somatic and psycho geriatric residents. Nebo offers facilities for 120 clients. Half of the space is reserved for residents with physical (somatic) health problems; the other half is for residents with psycho geriatric health problems. For somatic clients, the emphasis lies on the treatment and care of their physical problems. Guidance and care form the focal point for psycho geriatric clients. In 2003, Nebo moved to a new building which is spacious, light and colourful and meets today’s requirements for nursing home care.

Wassenaar Health Centre

A variety of services are combined in the Wassenaar Health Centre (Gezondheidscentrum Wassenaar). Here, one can consult general practitioners, as well as midwives, a rheumatologist, a homeopath, a physiotherapist, etc. Many of the specialists based at the Bronovo Hospital also give consultations at the health centre. Furthermore, the health centre houses organisations such as an organisation for Family and Geriatric Care, as well as an in-house laboratory and offers discussion groups and courses. Wassenaar forms part of the service area of the Bronovo Hospital. As a result of the health centre on the Rijksstraatweg, most residents of Wassenaar do not have to travel to hospitals in neighbouring municipalities when they need health care.

Capri-Bronovo Heart Rehabilitation Centre

Capri-Bronovo Heart Rehabilitation Centre (Capri-Bronovo Hartrevalidatiecentrum) is aimed at people who require rehabilitation after a cardiac incident. The centre boasts a multidisciplinary team, which assists in a broad form of recovery and teaches people to function within their own capabilities.