Bronovo offers general hospital services for the residents of The Hague and surrounding areas. At Bronovo, over 1,500 employees and 120 specialists work closely together in a multi disciplinary team to provide what we like to think of as health care with added hospitality.

Nursing as a ‘labour of love’, as it was performed by devoted deaconesses in the past, has anchored certain fundamental values in Bronovo hospital. Today, the mindset of Bronovo’s employees reflects these values, expressed through kind assistance and qualitative service. Great value is attached to gracious manners, because at Bronovo personal attention is viewed just as important as medical attention. That’s why our motto is: ‘Courteous care’.


The hospital has an alliance with the Leiden University Medical Centre. Our team of medical specialists offer a wide range of services, covering almost every specialization. Bronovo co-operates together with two other hospitals in the province of Zuid Holland: 'Medisch Centrum Haaglanden' in The Hague and Leidschendam and the 'Groene Hart Hospital' in Gouda. With this co-operation the hospitals aim to offer better and more efficient patient care.

Information meetings

Nanda Jagusiak

In cooperation with medical specialists our expat coordinator Nanda Jagusiak offers you customized or standard information meetings which can be held in Bronovo or at your own premises.
Please send a mail if you are interested or ask Nanda directly when you meet her. 

Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro
Bronovo Expat Coordinator
E-mail: NJagusiak@bronovo.nl